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Bass Recorder Solos

free music scores for BASS RECORDER in PDF and MIDI format

The first nine scores listed below are for solo (unaccompanied) Bass Recorder and for some entries there are treble clef transpositions for Recorders in F and C and Alto Saxophone. Beyond No.9 there is a mixture of music in parts and accompanied solos -- all featuring the bass.

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Journey to the Heart of Music

A book describing a general relational model which may be applied to western tonal music, revealing its mechanics to be, ultimately, those of a positional number system written in musical sound, and individual tonal compositions, to be specific examples of number processing.


To play a little early music amongst a friendly group is always a pleasure. Notwithstanding this fact, there is always a need for solitary practice as well... and also pleasures to be found in this discipline. Over the years, like many players, I have accumulated a good number of unaccompanied solo pieces which have provided useful and enjoyable practice material. The two principal sources for these solos are folksongs of the British Isles and melodies of the Baroque and Rococo periods. Most of the folksongs I have extended by the addition of variations-cum-divisions and many of the Baroque/Rococo melodies are arrangements of pieces written for instruments other than the recorder. Although collected for playing on a Bass Recorder, some of the solos are available in treble clef for recorders in C and F (as well of course, bass clef). Few articulation marks and ornaments are shown in the scores as individual tastes, technique and instruments are so various (in addition to which, the range and subtlety of possible articulations is beyond notation anyway)... so, for the most part, I leave these choices to the player. The sets of variations can be played as coherent pieces or each variation treated as an individual exercise: As often an increasing degree of dexterity is required by succeeding variations. The initial solos are grouped into units of approximately ten pages (No.1 to 9) within which there is a range of material from moderately easy to moderately difficult. Later pieces are somewhat more varied in character; and, as the years have passed, my ideas have gravitated from writing traditional variations/divisions toward the mathematical concept of 'symmetries' (explained in the book alluded to above).

I wish you well and hope you find something both useful and enjoyable in the archive below.

No. 1 - Solos Melodies by J.S.Bach, arranged from pieces written for Anna Magdelena and Wilhelm Friedemann Bach, and other pupils.
No. 2 - Traditional Melodies of the British Isles, with Variations
No. 3 - Unaccompanied Dance Movements from the Solo Cello Suites by J.S.Bach
No. 4 - Unaccompanied Dance Movements from the Solo Cello Suites by J.S.Bach
No. 5 - Traditional Melodies of the British Isles, with Variations
No. 6 - Traditional Melodies of the British Isles, with Variations
No. 7 - Traditional Melodies of the British Isles, with Variations
No. 8 - Traditional Melodies of the British Isles, with Variations
No. 9 - Melodies from the Piano Sonatas of Josef Haydn
No. 10 - Solo for Bass Recorder by William Boyce (with Piano Accompaniment)
arrangement of 'Softly Rise, O Southern Breeze' from the Serenata of 1745

As well as a written score two MIDI files provide an 'auto-accompaniment' via computer or other MIDI device. The piano part is routed to one speaker and the recorder to the other so that the latter may be muted leaving only the accompaniment sounding. This is a useful piece for high note practice - in the privacy of your own home!

No. 11 - Elizabethan Duets - Sop & Alto Voices/Tenor & Bass Recorders
No. 12 - Lady Hammond's Alman (Score)
No. 13 - Ladies Pleasure (Score)
No. 14 - The Way to Norwich (Score)
No. 15 - St. George's, Windsor by G.J. Elvey (Score)
No. 16 - Miss Thompson's Hornpipe (Score)
No. 17 - The West End (Score)
No. 18 - Three Bass Recorder Duets (Score)
No. 19 - Irby by J.H. Gauntlett (Score)
No. 20 - The Shepherd's Wife (Score)
No. 21 - All Round My Hat (Score)
No. 22 - Surrey by Henry Carey (Score)
No. 23 - The Dark Girl Dressed in Blue (Score)
No. 24 - Mr Cosgill's Delight (Score)
No. 25 - Trio Sonata in F Major by C.P.E. Bach (Score)
No. 26 - Shrewsbury Lasses (Score)
No. 27 - Twin Sisters (Score)
No. 28 - Mallow Flowers and Horse Tails (Score)
No. 29 - Colchester by S.S.Wesley (Score)
No. 30 - The Divisors of Seventy-Two (Score)
No. 32 - The Poplar-field (Words by William Cowper) (Score)
No. 33 - The Garden of Sleep (Words by Clement Scott) (Score)
No. 35 - Clock-O'-Clay (Poem by John Clare) (Score)
No. 37 - Mrs. Jane Barbier (Poem by John Hughes) (Score)
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