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The central theme of this website is Music: focusing in particular on methods and models for the analysis of tonal music*; in addition to which there are MIDI files to download, free sheet music in PDF format and a 'handsfree' score display program - links below.

Journey to the Heart of Music
Articles, essays and example analyses presented in a book-like form, describing a general relational model which may be applied to western tonal music: Essentially the model reduces harmony to a form of number processing. Links from the contents section of the introductory document provide access to all the 'chapters' outlining the mutable base positional number system and its application to harmonic analysis.

Using Perl to Manipulate Music in MIDI Format
Information and scripts for music analysis and constructing modulating oscillatory systems, plus a script to alphabetically sort an HTML catalogue or list.

Reflected Music
Download free example music scores for keyboard, piano and sax/clarinet and baroque solo sonata ensemble, in PDF and MIDI format. Plus an introduction to the 'reflection' (harmonic inversion) of a piece of music and how this process creates a new, different, 'companion' composition.

Rosebay Bass Recorder Music Archive
Download free music scores for BASS RECORDER (or other melody instruments)
in PDF format.

PageTurn 'Handsfree' Score Display
Freeware music display program for the Raspberry Pi.

* A good proportion of the information, ideas and opinions about music on this site are of a highly speculative, experimental and exploratory character, though at times challenging, I hope you will be able to find something worthwhile amongst the dross.

Created 10Sept2002.
Updated 2Apr.2012.